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3T Lighthouse stories

We watched the beginning of The Lighthouse Literacy Shed film.  In the film, the light in lighthouse stops working when the keeper trips over and smashes the bulb. The keeper finds some matches and fireworks and spells out the word ‘HELP!’ to let the villagers know he needs their help.  The villagers bring lanterns and place them in the read more »

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1P paint the beach!

We have used Brusho to paint some pictures of the beach.  We add water to powdered paint and make around 10 different colours.  We dip our brush into the paint and wipe the brush on the side of the pot to make sure we don’t have too much water. If we have too much water read more »

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3H – Light sources

We have been learning about light and we have written about light sources and reflections. Examples of light sources include the sun, torches, lanterns, candles.  Examples of reflections include the moon (which reflects light from the sun), mirrors and water. We made lights and shadows by shining a torch and making shadows with our hands.  read more »

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Year 2 Little Red Riding Hood

Our teacher has been telling us the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have been writing our version of the story in our books, sometimes using story maps.  We practise our spellings, joined up writing and make sure we use adjectives and verbs. By Summer, Lucy, Theo and Jun    

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1P Learning to Blog

Jonny, Joshua A and Safi learned today about blogging. We will be adding more information here on our school blog about the work we are doing in class, so please come back soon to read more! In PE we have been balancing balls on rackets and walking around the MUGA.  We have to concentrate to make read more »

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