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Class 2T Bridge models

Following our bridge making planning last week, we spent an afternoon working in teams of 2 to build our bridges. Building them was a little tricky but the adults helped us. We used lots of straws, masking tape, Lego and string to build as strong a bridge as possible. Once we had finished building our bridges, we filled a read more »

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3H make Christmas decorations!

This afternoon we have been making Christmas decorations for our corridor and classroom! We have used paper, glitter, card, glue, scissors, cotton wool and sequins.  We have made snowmen, stars, angels, paper-chains, snowballs and baubles. We have been careful not to get glitter and glue all over ourselves! Here are some examples of our work read more »

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Activate start date delay

The Sports Captains have been discussing the start of Activate sessions.  It has been decided that these exciting sport opportunities will begin in the New Year. Keep an eye on our blog to get all current information and keep up-to-date with our planning. Thank you for your interest, The Sports Captains Team

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KS2 Pudsey drawing competition success

Following last year’s success we decided to host the Pudsey drawing competition again. Each entry submited had to be: BBC children in need themed, 50p per entry and your own drawing. All entries had to be submitted by Friday morning (before break time).We received one hundred entries, raising a whopping £50 for children in need! The entries were judged by read more »

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Year 2 building bridges

Year 2 have been set a challenge to build bridges using string, straws and masking tape. We will be working in teams of 2 children plus 1 grown-up to build the strongest bridge possible.  Once we have built the bridges, we will place some weights on them to see which one holds the heaviest weight without falling down.  The winner read more »

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Year 1 enjoy Children in Need Day

Year 5 came to our classroom on Children in Need day. They read stories, sang songs to us and helped us to colour in Pudsey masks.  We wore Pudsey costumes and spotty clothes and brought in money to donate to Children in Need. We bought Pudsey wristbands, badges and Pudsey ears.  After school we bought biscuits to raise read more »

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