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Class 2P Huddling Penguins!

We have been learning more about penguins.  We have learnt that they huddle together in groups in order to keep each other warm. The largest penguins are Emperor penguins, who can grown to around 122cm tall.  Emperor penguins can live for around 20 years. The smallest penguins are the Little Blue penguins who grow to around 33cm read more »

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Class 1T build houses!

As part of our Three Little Pigs story, we will be building houses.  We have spent some time drawing our designs and we have thought carefully about the materials we will use.  Some people are using art straws which are bendy but stiff so they should make a strong house.  Other people will use lolly read more »

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School garden

Year 6 WWII day!

On Wednesday 18th of January 2017 Year 6 came in to school dressed in our FABULOUS WWII outfits! For the first part of the day we made our evacuee tags to show where we were going.  Then we went along the Rodwell Trail to stand on the platform and be sorted into our new guardian read more »

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Class 1T materials

We are learning about man-made and natural materials.  We’ve learnt about materials, like chalk, plastic, metal, wood and glass.  Glass is made of sand which is heated up into a shape. In the Three Little Pigs story, the second pig built his house from thin wooden sticks. The Big Bad Wolf crept up and blew the stick house read more »

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Class 2P globes and penguins

Most of Class 2P have finished decorating their globes.  We took our globes home and cut out the continents and oceans from sheets we had been given.  Using glue, we added the seven continents (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia) and the five oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Antarctic). You can see read more »

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Celery absorbed red food colouring!

Class 3H science investigations

We have been learning about plants. We have all planted a seedling each in plastic tubs. We were put into groups of 6 to decide what would happen to our plants.  There were 4 options for the groups of plants: Group 1 – given soil, water and light Group 2 – given soil, water, no light Group read more »

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Year 5 poems and planets

We have been learning about a poem called The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  We have watched an animation of the poem which was accompanied by a lady singing the words, which you can view here (opens in YouTube) – As part of our learning, in groups of 3 or 4 we chose a scene from read more »

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Year 6 appeal to smarten teachers!

As part of a persuasive writing exercise, Year 6 have been writing letters to Mrs Keedy (Chair of Governors) and Mrs Daykin (Headteacher) to persuade the teachers to wear school uniform (or not!). We have researched some examples of persuasive letters and have identified some effective methods of writing. We use ‘BOYS’ to help us connect sentences.  BOYS read more »

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