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Rainforest (3)

Year 4 learn about the Amazon Rainforest

We have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest.  We have learnt that it has four layers; emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. The emergent layer is where the tallest trees grow and it gets the most sunlight and rain. The canopy layer is where most birds live and has the second tallest trees. The understory layer is read more »

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Lego Club 4_2

Lego Club MonkeyJam animations

During Mr Joy’s after-school Lego Club, children have created Lego models and used some computer software (MonkeyJam) to take animation videos of their models.  You can see some of these animations below: If you are unable to view the videos above, you can download to view the links below: Lennon and Reuben Joel and Callum Eleanor read more »

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Class 3H learn about e-safety

Mrs Groves has been teaching us about e-safety. When you are online, you need to stay safe and always think before you do anything.  When you play games online – either on a PS4 or a computer – like Roblox, you can play with other people. You need to make sure that you are safe online read more »

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Year 2’s Red Nose Day!

On Friday 24th March, we had Red Nose Day at school. We all dressed in red clothes and brought £1 to donate to the charity which raises money to help people in the United Kingdom and Africa. Some of us bought some red noses which we wore during the day. After school there was a read more »

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Jasmine's trainer signed by Grant Fielder!

Olympians visit Holy Trinity!

Last week British triple jumper Julian Golley came to one of our worships to talk about fundraising through sponsored sports activities organised by Super Schools. He demonstrated, with children from various year groups, some of the activities we could be doing. These included moves called star jumps, press ups, mountain climbing and spotty dogs. This week Julian returned to read more »

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MonkeyPuppets (3)

Class 1T monkeys!

We have been making a story called ‘What a monkey sees, a monkey does’! We have been acting as characters from a story and pretending to be men and monkeys.  If a monkey sees a man bashing his chest, the monkey will copy and bash his chest too.  If a man climbed up a mountain, a read more »

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