5P’s last Blog 2015-2016

 The past few weeks


Miss Heightley kindly gave the class 5 caterpillars. We named them Tony, Jerry, Muffin, Rambo and Emily. They were kept in a jar for 10 days. In the jar was food for them which they ate and they grew until they became chrysalides and hung upside down. We put them in their special habitat and waited for 2 weeks until they emerged as beautiful butterflies. We enjoyed them in our classroom before we released them in the school’s garden. Written by Luke.

David Lawrence JonesDavid Lawrence Jones

David Lawrence Jones came to visit on the 15th May and told us the story of his life. And he also sold his Bradley Baker books. Everybody thinks he is a great author, and they were inspired by him. Written by Ewan.  


Safe Wise Trip

When we went on the amazing Safe Wise trip we had a lot of fun because we got to learn how to ride mobility scooters and then we got to see a pretty big house go up in flames but we were safe. Above all, we learned how to keep safe in a number of different environments. We would recommend the trip. Written by Finley and Roman.

Celebrating The Queen’s 90th Birthday!!

When it was the Queen’s birthday, we all celebrated on the Friday after because it was her birthday. It was wonderful for the Queen; it was her birthday. They used the amazing Red Arrows to mark the occasion. Her birthday was a gigantic thing for England because she is now our longest reigning monarch. On her fantastic birthday, all of her family were there to celebrate her 90th birthday. She’s gone from a young girl to a 90-year-old adult. Written by Leo.


Chesil Beach trip

As part of our topic, we went to Chesil Beach. We found lots of little crabs and cool little shells. After we found the crabs we went back to the beach centre and did some activities. Then we went to the beach to eat lunch and then had a lovely yummy lollipop! After we ate our delicious ice creams, we went around the beach on a scavenger hunt and even had time to play. Some people went looking for nests since we knew where nests were. Then we went back to school. We thoroughly enjoyed this learning opportunity. Written by Ben and Jaydon.

Making Masks

On the second art day –the first day we made felt and a blueprint-5P creatively made masks. You could use feathers, coloured card, pens, pencils and glitter. With the resources, we made a variety of masquerade masks. Written by Lydia and Briae.

The Apprentice Fair

The Apprentice Fair is a really fun place where the Year 6’s made their own stalls so they could earn enough money to attend Primary College. Also, the other years got to have loads of sweets and got to play some really fun games that the Year 6’s set up for them. This event, called Apprentice Fair, happens every year and is so much fun. Written by Ryan and Oliver.

Sports Day

This year’s sports day was really fun; the races were exciting. There were 4 different teams:

St. Patrick- Green

St. Andrew- blue

St. David- yellow

St. George- red

My team, the awesome blues, came second, red (St. George) came first, yellow (St. David) came third and green (St. Patrick) came forth! This year St. David won the Jeffery’s cup- they won it for having the team sprit! Anxiously, everyone runs around the field cheering their team on and trying the best they possibly can. Written by Annie.


Throughout the Summer Term, we have been learning new swimming techniques such as, Dolphin kick, Breast stroke and Front crawl. Whilst group one or two were swimming the other group did some learning or reading. Sometimes we go under hoops and sometimes we do it twice around then get out. I thoroughly enjoy swimming. Thank you Mrs Ledger. Written by Liam.


0n Fridays, each maths group has a go at Archery, all together once a week. A specialist teacher has come in to teach us. It’s fun and educational! You have to be in year 5 to do it, which makes it a special treat. Written by Daniel.


In Computing we used 2 softwares and a website.

In SCRATCH we coded games, video stories, animations and a lot more. I think scratch was a good website.

Next was AUDACITY. Not that good in my opinion; it was a software where you could record audio things and then edit them to make them echo, sound like a robot, etc.

And last but definitely not least, if not the best, SKETCHUP the software That allows you to create 3-dimensional shapes and houses, then you paint it and add detail. Written by Tom and Benjamin.

A reflection on our time in 5P


Over the past year, 5P have been rewarded with nine certificates for our fantastic attendance! With one being 98.9%! The others were for achieving over 97% attendance as a class! One of them, however was very special! Hoping to get the GOLDEN 100% CERTIFICATE, one day we finally did! Written by Anya.

Fish in 5P!

Over the year, the fish have enjoyed staying with us. They are called Fiona, Jaws and SpongeBob. Fiona sadly passed away but we have still got Jaws and SpongeBob. Like a bright sun, Fiona had scales that shined and they were orange. Almost unbelievably, Jaws nearly died too but luckily he survived! SpongeBob has yellow scales with a hint of orange. Since that thing happened, Jaws and SpongeBob have missed Fiona. We have enjoyed the responsibility of having class pets. Written by Hannah and Hollie.


Adventures with Mr Squishy

Throughout year 5, Mr Squishy has been on some amazing journeys: from sitting at home on the x-box, to breath taking holidays, Mr Squishy has had so much fun.

We’ll all miss the fun times with him.

Here are just a few of the paragraphs of him spending time with the wonderful 5P.

Written by Nalani.

5P’s Wow Wall

In our classroom, we have a Wow Wall. The Wow Wall is when someone in the class has done a piece of work that Miss Heightley is particularly proud of. It shows that someone has worked hard to meet a Year 5 objective or has met one of their personal targets. Written by Ruby.


One of 5P’s fondest memories is Egyptian day, when the wonderful Mrs Jones taught us an Egyptian dance. WE WILL MISS 5P! Written by Mischa and Lauren.


In our school garden we have a range of beautiful flowers; amazing birds to watch and a pretty pond. Throughout the year, 5P have been exploring the garden. We looked at all the nature and wildlife around us. While the creatures cautiously watched us, we wondered around the interesting garden. As the bright flowers danced in the gentle breeze, the petals swayed back and forth. The lilies floated gently, as the tadpoles swam rapidly in the cool water!!! We had the opportunity to grow sunflowers in our classroom and then plant them in our allocated patch in the garden. Unfortunately, some pesky slugs ate every single sunflower! However, as if by magic, the next time we all visited the garden, our sunflowers had regrown! Finley won the competition! His sunflower is ginormous! Miss Heightley told us that our wonderful volunteer gardeners actually replanted our sunflowers since they saw how upset we were that our flowers had been eaten – so we would like to publically thank them because they put massive smiles on our faces!! THANK YOU!! Have a look at our ‘magical’ sunflowers below… Written by Evie and Amelia.

A note from Miss Heightley

What an amazing group of children! It has been an absolute pleasure to teach each and every one of you over the past year. The amount of progress you have all made across a variety of subjects has made me proud as a teacher. However, I have also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of your personalities and watch you all grow as individuals. You will all flourish in your on going journey through your education and I wish you all the best. Please come and let me know how you are all getting on in Year 6! For now though, have a restful and enjoyable summer, you’ve earned it!!

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  1. liam July 19, 2016 at 2:01 pm #

    i’m so sad that I have to leave year five because Miss Heightley was the best Teacher

  2. Annie July 19, 2016 at 2:05 pm #

    I really enjoyed year 5, especially on last year’s transfer day when I found out that my new teacher was Miss Heightley! Throughout year 5 I have learnt new spellings, literacy skills and many more new things. Year 5 is one of the best years I have had at primary school, it has been amazing! I don’t think year 5 could have been any better; the teachers are lovely the activities are awesome and I have made lots of friends. I will miss 5p lots and lots. 🙂

  3. Evie July 19, 2016 at 7:31 pm #

    We will miss you Miss Heightly!! Its been a great year in year 5 we have all thoroughly enjoyed being in 5p! I will definitely come and visit you and your new class!! Enjoy your Summer holidays:)Xx

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