A picture is worth a thousand words

In our literacy lessons, we have worked hard this week to publish our writing, retelling the story of The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. Our books look fantastic and we are very proud of them! Some will be chosen to be displayed outside the library.

On Friday we started a new literacy topic. We looked at some macro photography and had to work out what the images were – it showed that when you pay attention to detail, you end up seeing more. We then used our inference skills to gain an understanding of what was happening in a selection of photographs.  We understand how a picture is worth a thousand words! Next week we will be looking at a picture book and will be putting our inference skills into practice.

Here are some of the macro images – can you work out what they are?

Disappearing Sunflowers

Some of us visited the garden this week to tend to our sunflowers. Upon our arrival, we were devastated to see that all but three of the plants had been eaten!! We all felt very disheartened since we had nurtured the sunflowers in our classroom before carefully planting them in the garden. Hopefully we will have time to try again!


On a brighter note…! Our caterpillars are thriving in our classroom. They have now formed a chrysalis so we have to be very careful not to move them! We are looking forward to watching them emerge as butterflies!

Special Visitor

On Tuesday we had a visitor to our class- Jack from Year 4. He had recently visited the London Dungeons and wanted to share some of his newly gained knowledge, especially facts that linked to the Victorians, which he knew Year 5 had learned about this year. Jack enthusiastically told us all about Jack the Ripper- including some very gruesome details! Thank you Jack for coming to share with us!

Star of the Week

Daniel received the Star of the Week certificate this week. It was well deserved, since he has been working hard to improve his handwriting, both at school and at home. Well done Daniel – keep up the hard work!

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  1. Samantha May 12, 2016 at 6:40 pm #

    Oh my word – poor sunflowers – pesky snails. 🙁
    Though snails are very important food for the frogs in the pond. Great example of a food chain.:)

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