A Wonderful Week

What a fantastic week we have had! We have shared many experiences together over the past few days, which means we’ve got lots to share with you in this week’s blog. The photographs are a must see!!

Science at All Saints School

On Wednesday morning, 5P and 5T went to All Saints School to experience Science in a secondary school.  We were taught how to light a Bunsen Burner and observed different chemicals change colour in the flame.  Suspect A was Barium and suspect B was copper (my favourite which was aqua). Thank you, Mr Hocking and Year 9 pupils, for an exciting and engaging lesson!

Written by Hannah, Bea and Freddie. 


French at All Saints School

As well as experiencing a science lesson, we also had the opportunity to test out our French skills! Year 8 pupils set up a French café and a selection of French shops. We went around each shop and asked for various items. The boys particularly enjoyed visiting the clothes shops… and ‘buying’ dresses and high heels! They even went to the next level and tried on their ‘new clothes’! See the photographs for proof! There was also much excitement in the café since the children were able to order and enjoy some of the French cuisine!

Thank you, to Mrs Windybank and Year 8 pupils, for a hands on, interactive experience of the French language!

Writing to Persuade…

This week, in literacy, we have been putting our persuasive writing skills in action. We are creating a brochure page to persuade the reader to visit Egypt. Our writing is improving every day…. We have been using imperative verbs, rhetorical questions, emotive language, superlatives, repetition, alliteration, statistics, and (did I mention) repetition!! Wow! That’s a lot of different persuasive techniques! Apologies if parents/carers are being subjected to your child’s improved persuasive skills!!

World Book Day

On World Book Day (Thursday) the whole school joined together in dressing up as their favourite characters from books. There was such an array of costumes amongst 5P- from Paddington Bear to The Stig! There were also numerous Harry Potter Characters. Thank you to parents/carers for supporting us with providing some fantastic costumes!

It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed dressing up – the Year 5 team got together and decided to dress up with a theme! Our theme was Wizard of Oz: Mrs Penn came as Scarecrow, Mrs Johnstone came as Tinman and Miss Heightley came as Dorothy. There was even a yellow brick road along the Year 5/6 corridor!

We hope you enjoy browsing at all of our costumes – can you guess all the book characters?

As part of World Book Day, Year 5 children went downstairs to read to Year 1 children. This was such a successful event – again, you can view the photographs below.

Bed time Stories!

This week we had Bed time stories. (Miss Heightley was a very good reader)!

First we listened to the story called The Hairy Toe, which Mrs Jackaman lent us. Although this was aimed at younger children, we found it funny.

Next, we listened to a local myth, which was set in Lyme Regis. It was a tale of a Black Dog that haunts the area!! This was a little bit spooky…

Finally, we were told a very funny story, called Ice Maiden, which was about a boy who kissed an ice girl and got his lips stuck to hers! But because he thought she was so beautiful, he didn’t want her to melt – but that was the only way to unstick their lips. So he went down to the lake and melted her. Written by Amelia.


Star of the week!

This week Annie was star of the week because she has been an enthusiastic learner this week. She also wanted to stay behind at lunch to get extra support so she could meet her writing targets. Written by Kaci

Pot of Gold

Today Miss Heightley gave out 2 pots of gold: to Katie for helping her team in sport (cricket) yesterday and to Luke for participating well in French at All Saints School on Wednesday. They stood up in assembly and were celebrated. WELL DONE! Written by Lydia and Briae

The fish

The fish (Sponge Bob, Jaws and Fiona) are ok. We are proud to say Jaws is still alive. Also, SpongeBob is ok and Fiona is perfectly fine. Written by Liam.

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  1. liam March 5, 2016 at 9:51 am #

    Yesterday was the best day ever

    • Miss Heightley March 5, 2016 at 9:52 am #

      I so pleased that you enjoyed it, Liam!

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