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Celebration Assembly in the garden

Year 2 had a celebration assembly. Our parents came to see our work in our classrooms and the school garden. Thank you to parents for coming, and thank you to the Garden Gang for looking after our beautiful and colourful garden. Click here to view some photographs of our garden. By Ellis and Naomi

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Our Miniature Gardens

In June our class made miniature gardens. We each had a container which we filled with soil. Mrs Palmer had a box containing shells, bark, sticks and string which we used to decorate our gardens. We enjoyed looking in the box for things to decorate with. We liked the washing lines which some people made for read more »

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On Thursday 26th June 2014 we had our sports day. We had lots of fun taking part in many activities including Egg and Spoon, Hoops, and running races. Our parents came to watch us and cheered us on. By Ben and Ethan

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Potato update!

Last week we dug up some of the potatoes.    We  were worried because the leaves had holes in them.   Luckily it hadn’t affected the potatoes, which  looked good! We will dig up the rest of the potatoes this week and weigh them.  

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Learning how to blog

Right now we’re learning how to add news to our class blog. Adding to our blog means that we can share information about what we are doing in school.  We hope you like our news and that you will comment on it.

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Disaster in the potato patch!

This week when we went up to water the potatoes there were big holes all over the leaves!  What is going on? Will they survive? Any suggestions gratefully accepted! We watered them anyway, then came back to the classroom to tell 2P the news. Let’s see what happens after half term.  Watch this space…

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potato progress!

We went to inspect our potato crop after the Easter holidays and were amazed at how much they have grown!  We took turns to water them. The garden looks beautiful.  So much has grown now that spring is here.  We walked around looking for new plants and flowers. In our sketch books we made some detailed read more »

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