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Great Fire of Holy Trinity

Today our year 2 pupils witnessed their own tiny version of the Great Fire of London. They watched as the wind blew the flames from house to house until the blaze engulfed the entire town. The memorable event was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils and staff who now have a greater understanding of the event read more »

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PirateDay (3)

Year 2 Pirate Day!

We had a pirate day when we came to school dressed up as pirates. We made pirate flags using black, white and red paper. We cut out scary pirate flags from the paper which we will display in our classrooms. We learnt about shipwrecks and smugglers; smugglers stole things late at night from ships, hid them in read more »

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BoardGames (3)

Year 2 design and make board games

Year 2 are designing and making board games.  We start by thinking about the theme of the game, the layout and decoration. We draw a sketch of our plan on A2 size paper. Once we have completed our plan, we draw it carefully onto A3 size paper using pencils. When we are happy with our design, we read more »

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Year 2 enjoy Roald Dahl

Our topic this term is Roald Dahl books.  Last week we looked at George’s Marvellous Medicine. We found this book really funny and liked the bit where Grandma grows really tall and pops out through the roof! Some of us watched a cartoon version of the story and others read the book and wrote a diary read more »

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Class 2T Bridge models

Following our bridge making planning last week, we spent an afternoon working in teams of 2 to build our bridges. Building them was a little tricky but the adults helped us. We used lots of straws, masking tape, Lego and string to build as strong a bridge as possible. Once we had finished building our bridges, we filled a read more »

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Year 2 building bridges

Year 2 have been set a challenge to build bridges using string, straws and masking tape. We will be working in teams of 2 children plus 1 grown-up to build the strongest bridge possible.  Once we have built the bridges, we will place some weights on them to see which one holds the heaviest weight without falling down.  The winner read more »

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