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PirateDay (3)

Year 2 Pirate Day!

We had a pirate day when we came to school dressed up as pirates. We made pirate flags using black, white and red paper. We cut out scary pirate flags from the paper which we will display in our classrooms. We learnt about shipwrecks and smugglers; smugglers stole things late at night from ships, hid them in read more »

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Class 2H Gingerbread Man

We are learning different traditional tales. This week we are learning about The Gingerbread Man. We’ve brought in Gingerbread Man biscuits and cakes. We have talked about the story when a lady and a man wanted a son.  The lady baked a gingerbread man. She then fell asleep and when she woke up, the Gingerbread Man read more »

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Year 2 Little Red Riding Hood

Our teacher has been telling us the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have been writing our version of the story in our books, sometimes using story maps.  We practise our spellings, joined up writing and make sure we use adjectives and verbs. By Summer, Lucy, Theo and Jun    

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Welcome to 2H

Welcome to 2H’s blog. This is the first time we have put our blogging skills to the test. Hopefully as the weeks go on the children will be able to add their own insights into being in 2H and the learning we do together. This week we welcomed a new class member to 2H. Hello read more »

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