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Class 3H comic fun!

Our topic is the Stone Age.  We are reading Ug by Raymond Briggs.  The story is about a boy called Ug who lives in the Stone Age but he is much more modern and creative. Ug wants to explore more than just stones, mud and bushes. He makes a stone boat but it sinks because read more »

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MaryAnning (5)

Class 3H Rock on!

As part of our fossil topic, we have learnt about Mary Anning. She was born in Lyme Regis in 1799.  When she was a child, she would go to the beach with her father Richard and her brother Joseph looking for curiosities.  At the time, people weren’t sure what they were finding on the beach – they thought read more »

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Class 3H super skeletons

We have been learning about exoskeletons and endoskeletons. Creatures which have hard shells, for example scorpions, crabs, lobsters and turtles, are exoskeletons; their bony structure is on the outside and their fleshy skin is on the inside. As crabs grow bigger, they shed their shells, pull themselves out of the small shell and grow a read more »

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ComplexSentences (9)

Class 3H stone age writings

As part of our literacy lessons, we have been writing paragraphs using complex sentences and expanded noun phrases. A complex sentence is a normal sentence with extra detail added, for example instead of ‘A witch is boring’ a complex sentence would be ‘A witch is boring because she doesn’t have anything to do at her read more »

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Class 3H learn about e-safety

Mrs Groves has been teaching us about e-safety. When you are online, you need to stay safe and always think before you do anything.  When you play games online – either on a PS4 or a computer – like Roblox, you can play with other people. You need to make sure that you are safe online read more »

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Charmouth2017 (6)

Year 3 Fantastic Fossil Hunting!

We took a long coach trip to Charmouth on a very wet day. When we arrived at Charmouth Centre we were shown pictures of dinosaurs and sea animals and then we went outside to find our fossils. We walked along Charmouth beach and moved rocks to hunt for fossils.  We all found fossils, including belemnites, ammonites read more »

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Celery absorbed red food colouring!

Class 3H science investigations

We have been learning about plants. We have all planted a seedling each in plastic tubs. We were put into groups of 6 to decide what would happen to our plants.  There were 4 options for the groups of plants: Group 1 – given soil, water and light Group 2 – given soil, water, no light Group read more »

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