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Class 3P learn about balanced diets

We have been learning about balanced diets. There are five food groups; protein, fats & sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and fruits & vegetables. You need to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to keep your body healthy. Although fats and sugars give you a burst of energy, it doesn’t last. You need some carbohydrate read more »

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CaveArt (3)

Class 3P’s amazing cave art

We went onto the school field and found thick and thin sticks.  We went back into our classrooms with the sticks and chose some paint in stone age colours, for example browns, blacks and reds. We painted stone age paintings using the sticks instead of brushes. We painted handprints, animals and stone age people holding spears. Some read more »

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3P’s shadow puppets

We have been working on shadow puppets. We wrote in our books about the characters we wanted to make, using descriptive words, including a mischievous dog, a kind fairy, a fearsome knight, a medieval cat and a brave spy. We then drew our characters onto sheets of paper. We will be cutting out our characters read more »

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