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Class 3T make paper hats

Firstly, we watched a video on how to make paper hats. The video was paused after each step so we could follow it and each make a paper hat. Then, working in pairs, using whiteboards and pens, we wrote down instructions on how to make a paper hat. We had to think very carefully about each step to make the read more »

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Class 3T chocolate fraction work!

Mrs Topham brought in some chocolate to help us learn about fractions.  We were given chocolate in a bar which we had to break into five squares. Using whiteboards and pens we wrote down fractions using the chocolate squares.  Mrs Topham then wrote down our fractions on the board and we wrote down sums using the fractions. We found read more »

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Class 3T maths challenges

In our maths lesson each of us was set a different challenge. Liam’s challenge was to draw a thought bubble and explain what he had learnt in maths that day. Liam learnt that volume is the capacity of liquid which a container can hold . Liam also learnt the following: 750ml = 3/4 of a litre 1000 ml = 1 litre read more »

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3T work on metaphors

We have been learning about metaphors. We were given pieces of paper with words on them, for example: We had to match the words to make metaphors. A metaphor is when something becomes something else, eg ‘Her hair is a golden river’. We wrote the metaphors in our books and drew pictures to accompany the metaphors. read more »

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3T Lighthouse stories

We watched the beginning of The Lighthouse Literacy Shed film.  In the film, the light in lighthouse stops working when the keeper trips over and smashes the bulb. The keeper finds some matches and fireworks and spells out the word ‘HELP!’ to let the villagers know he needs their help.  The villagers bring lanterns and place them in the read more »

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