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Flanimals (1)

Year 4 Flanimals!

Today we have started looking at some books by Ricky Gervais called ‘Flanimals’.  The flanimals are made-up creatures of different colours, shapes and sizes. For our literacy lesson we were asked to organise a paragraph around a theme.  We used the Flanimals as a theme. We had to think about different abilities the flanimals have read more »

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Drums (3) - Copy - Copy

Year 4 make a noise!

As part of our learning, we are identifying how sounds are made, associating them with vibration.  Mrs Borries brought in a drum, drumsticks and some rice and placed the rice on top of the drum.  She then hit the drum with the drumsticks.  The drumskin vibrated and made the rice bounce all over the place – some of read more »

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RomanStories (9) - Copy

Class 4T Roman stories

We have been learning more Roman stories and writing our own stories based on Escape from Pompeii. We researched facts for our own historical stories, carefully planning and thinking about characters and places. We then wrote a clear opening and a build-up paragraph to create an interesting story which we then transferred to a sheet read more »

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Pompeii (8)

Class 4T Escape from Pompeii!

Our teacher has read to us the book called ‘Escape from Pompeii’ written and illustrated by Christina Balit.  This book tells the story of Livia and Tranio who are children living in the Roman City of Pompeii.  Livia is the baker’s daughter and Tranio is the son of an actor. Livia and Tranio are friends. The City read more »

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XmasCards (2) - Copy

Class 4T make Christmas cards

We have been creating designs for 2017 Christmas cards. We were given some design ideas which we could use for our own card. Using paints and coloured pens, we have created designs which will be sent off to a printing company to be transformed into proper Christmas cards or magnets, keyrings, bags, t-shirts and mugs. We read more »

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Class 4T and Mr Stink

We have been reading the book Mr Stink by David Walliams. Mr Stink was married to Violet who died in a fire. After his wife’s death, he couldn’t sleep, so he moved out of the house and became a smelly tramp. Mr Stink is befriended by a 12 year old girl called Chloe who tries to read more »

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Alfie's mask

Class 4T make rainforest masks

As part of our rainforest topic, we have made some masks.  We had to think about an animal to design a mask for.  Ed chose a parrot because he likes birds.  Alfie also chose a multi-coloured parrot because they are beautiful.  We were given pieces of paper with eye holes printed on them and we read more »

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Jasmine's trainer signed by Grant Fielder!

Olympians visit Holy Trinity!

Last week British triple jumper Julian Golley came to one of our worships to talk about fundraising through sponsored sports activities organised by Super Schools. He demonstrated, with children from various year groups, some of the activities we could be doing. These included moves called star jumps, press ups, mountain climbing and spotty dogs. This week Julian returned to read more »

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