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Class 5T attempt to solve Egyptian mystery!

As part of our topic on Egyptology, we are learning about Emily Sands.  She was an amateur Egyptologist who, in 1926 (four years after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb), led a group of Egyptologists across Egypt searching for the tomb of Osiris.  After several progress reports from their expedition, Emily and her companions disappeared in read more »

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Y5Calendars (2)

Year 5 create calendars

5T start work on calendars for 2019 to take home – perhaps as a creative Christmas gift!  Mixing paint colours, children worked well to produce an interesting background. Once the paint has been given a chance to dry, the children will cut silhouette images out of black card to stick onto their colourful backgrounds and read more »

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Class 5T have a busy start to the year!

Art We have been learning how to use different mediums in art.  Mediums are different styles of artwork, using various utensils, for example watercolour paint, felt tip pens, coloured pencils, pastels, coloured chalk and wax crayons. We experimented with each medium, rotating to a different table in our classroom and worked on a booklet to read more »

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Class 5T participate in The Daily Mile!

A national scheme called The Daily Mile promotes the benefits of exercise at school. Miss Heightley has encouraged our class to participate in The Daily Mile.   At the start of the school day, around 9am, our class goes onto the bottom field for approximately fifteen minutes.  We can walk, jog or sprint 8 laps of the field, read more »

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Class 5T Tutankhamun Puzzle

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt.  We have been learning about Pharaoh Tutankhamun who was a famous Egyptian King.  Miss Heightley gave each of us a small piece of paper on which was printed a section of Tutankhamun’s death mask.  We sketched the design onto a plain piece of paper and then coloured it read more »

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