Caterpillars and Sunflowers

Author Visit

On Tuesday 12th April, David Lawrence Jones came to visit our school. He gave a presentation, telling us about the books that he has written and what inspired him to become an author. He acted out part of his books and also asked people to assist him in the acting parts. It was very funny! David then came back into school on Thursday for a book signing session. We were fortunate to take part in a question and answer session, along with Mrs Penn’s class (Mrs Penn persuaded David to come and see some of the Slam Poetry finalists in her class). Written by Kaci.

Slam Poetry Competition

Last term, Year 5 were writing and performing their own poems, ready to take part in a Slam Poetry competition. This took place within our own classes on Tuesday. Then each class voted for two finalists. The finalists from 5P were Daniel and Jaydon (with a poem called ‘Life’) and Mischa (with a poem called super silly, stupid school). This meant that there were 6 finalists from across Year 5. The Final was held on Wednesday. All finalists were brilliant, but well done to our winner, Molly B!


Year 5 will be looking at life cycles and habitats over the course of this term. In 5P we’ve waited for the arrival of caterpillars all week, but yesterday (Thursday) they turned up! We all wanted to name the caterpillars, much to Miss Heightley’s amusement! So, we were given the opportunity to each choose one name that we liked. We put the names into a pot and 5 names were drawn out. There is: Tony, Jerry, Muffin, Rambo and Emily. We’re very excited to welcome the caterpillars into our classroom! Follow our blog to see the caterpillars turn into butterflies! Written by Anya.

Planting Sunflowers

As well as considering the life cycle of insects and animals, Year 5 will also be considering the life cycle of plants. We have also been asked to plant something in the school garden, which fits in well with our learning. On Monday we planted sunflower seeds in small pots of compost. This will hopefully give them the best start, away from the hungry slugs out in the garden! Once they are tall enough, we will be visiting the school garden to plant them in our class flower bed. We are having a completion to see who can grow the tallest sunflower! Look out for our photographs!

Star of the Week

This week’s Star of the Week is Mischa because she wrote a poem independently and performed it by herself for the Slam poetry competition. It was a great poem! Written by Liam.

Jaws, Fiona and Spongebob

The fish survived the Easter Holidays! They received a present in their tank this week, which they really like! The present is Spongebob’s house; a PINEAPPLE!

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  1. Amelia May 10, 2016 at 3:00 pm #

    I can’t believe that we have caterpillars in our classroom and fish! Thank you Miss.Heightley:).

    • Miss Heightley May 10, 2016 at 7:35 pm #

      I’m pleased that you like the caterpillars, Amelia. Soon they will become butterflies that we can release into the garden!

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