Class 2P globes and penguins

Most of Class 2P have finished decorating their globes.  We took our globes home and cut out the continents and oceans from sheets we had been given.  Using glue, we added the seven continents (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia) and the five oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Antarctic). You can see some of our globes here:

We have been learning about penguins. Penguins live in Antarctica, America, Australia and South Africa. Some penguins are at risk of becoming extinct because whales and seals eat them.  Penguins do not fly; they have flippers so they can swim to catch their food.  They eat squid and fish. They eat their prey whole and alive! They can hold their breath underwater for 30 minutes! The female penguin can lay up to two eggs a year.  Both the female and the male take it in turns to sit on the egg to keep it warm until it hatches.

We are enjoying our topic ‘The Circle of Life’, learning about the world and the creatures that live in it.

By Maddy, Luke and Robbie


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  1. Heidi January 28, 2017 at 7:58 am #

    This has been fun to read – I have learnt something today!! Jasmins mum.

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