Class 2P continue their globe making

We have spent some more time on our globes.  Our globes had dried the day after we made them. On Wednesday we took the globes down from the pegs and put our aprons on.  Holding the bottom of the balloons, we used blue paint to decorate our globes. It was a little tricky as the balloons kept wobbling out of our hands.  We were a bit worried that the paint would flick everywhere.  Luckily we didn’t make too much mess; only on the tables, which were covered in newspaper.

We have left our globes to dry again. We will use pens and coloured paints to add the continents, the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the equator and countries.

We are enjoying learning about the globe and finding out where all the countries are.

By Ainjel, Isaac and Jack



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