Class 2P create world globes

As part of our Circle of Life topic, we are making world globes using balloons, newspaper, water and glue.  We blew up a balloon each and Miss Gomm tied the balloons for us to stop the air coming out.  We then took shredded pieces of newspaper and stuck them to the outside of our balloons using the glue and water mixture. We had to make sure that all of the balloon was covered with newspaper. The glue kept sticking to our hands but we kept persevering and managed to get there in the end!

The balloons will hang in our classroom until the glue and newspaper dries.  Then we will cut the end of the balloons and take them out of the mould, leaving the newspaper globe.

Here are some examples of our work in progress and drying globes (click images to enlarge):

We will then use paints to decorate our dried globes, adding the countries and labelling them. Come back soon to see how our work develops!

By Florence, Harley and Chelsea

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