Class 2P dragon eggs

A few weeks ago, Miss Bladon told us that ‘Dan the Dragon Man’ had left three dragon eggs inside the school office for each Year 2 class to look after. Class 2H have a green egg, Class 2T have a blue egg and Class 2P have a red egg. We have to keep the eggs warm by leaving them on a blanket, which has hay on.

Class 2P's egg

Class 2P’s egg

We check the egg every day and we have noticed it is now beginning to hatch as the shell is cracking slightly! We have written instructions about how to care for the eggs so that Mr Godfrey, our Deputy Headteacher, can look after them during half term.  The instructions include how to care for the baby dragons to help them grow healthy.

We think looking after the eggs is helping us to learn about respect, harmony and life-long learning.  We respect the egg, we have to work together to look after the egg and we are learning about life.

By Aiden, Zac and Katie



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