Class 2P Huddling Penguins!

We have been learning more about penguins.  We have learnt that they huddle together in groups in order to keep each other warm. The largest penguins are Emperor penguins, who can grown to around 122cm tall.  Emperor penguins can live for around 20 years. The smallest penguins are the Little Blue penguins who grow to around 33cm tall.  They are very good swimmers, they waddle around on their flippers and they slide along on their bellies on the ice!

We have a board in our classroom with lots of facts about penguins, which you can see below:

By Sam, Phoebe and Ronnie


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  1. Phoebe's Mum February 3, 2017 at 7:20 pm #

    What a fantastic display 2P – well done :0)

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