Class 3H science investigations

We have been learning about plants. We have all planted a seedling each in plastic tubs. We were put into groups of 6 to decide what would happen to our plants.  There were 4 options for the groups of plants:

Group 1 – given soil, water and light

Group 2 – given soil, water, no light

Group 3 – given water, light, no soil

Group 4 -given soil, light, no water

We made predictions about what was going to happen to each plant.  Our predictions for each group were that the plants in:

Group 1 – wouldn’t grow

Group 2 – would grow

Group 3 – would grow but would be yellow

Group 4 – wouldn’t grow

We check our plants often and our predictions are correct so far.

In another experiment, we put sticks of celery in plastic pots. We then added food colouring and water. Our prediction was that the holes in the bottom of the celery would soak up the water and food colouring and turn the celery the colour of the food colouring.  Our prediction was correct!  So we have learnt that plants absorb water and draw it up the stem.

Celery absorbed red food colouring!

Celery absorbed the red food colouring!

We have enjoyed these experiments and they have helped us to learn about how plants grow.

By Honey, Ollie and Daisy



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  1. Gaynor H February 28, 2017 at 6:37 pm #

    This is really good experiments with a good blog to go with it. Well done Daisy, Honey and Ollie.

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