Class 3P learn about Ancient Greece

We have been learning about Sparta and Athens which are both areas of Ancient Greece.  In Athens the women weren’t allowed to do anything; they weren’t allowed to go to school or to watch fights. From the ages of 7 to 15 boys went into the hills of Sparta to hunt for food.

As part of our learning, we created at home an Ancient Greek shield, mosaic or vase. We researched patterns and designs used in Ancient Greece and used computers to print off some designs.  Other children used sweet wrappers to create mosaic tiles. Some of us used recycled items to create our home learning. We found creating our pieces at home relaxing and it was nice to spend time with our grown-ups working on our ideas.

Our home learning pieces have been displayed in our classroom so others can get ideas about creating their own items.

Here are some examples of our work (click on images to enlarge):

By Maelei, Anna, Alex and Frank








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