Class 3P learn about balanced diets

We have been learning about balanced diets. There are five food groups; protein, fats & sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and fruits & vegetables. You need to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to keep your body healthy. Although fats and sugars give you a burst of energy, it doesn’t last. You need some carbohydrate every day, as carbohydrate gives you a lot of energy which lasts longer. The protein, dairy and fats & sugars sometimes store energy in your body. You shouldn’t have too much of anything. You should eat a balanced diet to keep your energy levels steady and to help your body grow healthily.

Using paper, straws, tissues, felt and pens, we decorated paper plates in order to demonstrate what a healthy balanced diet looks like.  We needed to make sure that on each plate we showed more carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables, but we still need to eat some fats, sugars, dairy and protein.

Our balanced diet information board and some of our plates

This learning has helped us to think about what we are eating at home and at school and what we should eat to help us grow healthy.

By Harley, Lucy and Isaac


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