Class 3P learn about Christmas around the world

We have been learning about The Polar Express story and polar bears (see previous blog posts about these news items).

We have enjoyed learning a poem about animals that live in the Arctic:

A habitat is a place where animals live

In the Arctic, it is a very cold place, but it is home to lots of different animals

Animals that live in the Arctic have special adaptations so they can survive

How are animals adapted to their habitat?

We have also been learning about how different countries celebrate Christmas. Using computers and books we have researched how India, Poland and Germany celebrate.  Some interesting facts we have discovered are:

In Poland, children look at the night sky on Christmas eve and as soon as the first star is spotted, everyone can start eating their Christmas food.

In Germany, people clean their shoes and put them outside 25 days before Christmas. Sweets are placed inside their shoes and on Christmas Day children take the sweets out of their shoes.  If you have been naughty, you will receive black sweets.  If you are good, you will get normal yummy sweets. The mother of a household usually secretly decorates a tree as a surprise for her children.

In India they decorate banana or mango trees. Father Christmas in India is know as ‘Christmas Baba’ and he delivers presents to children from a horse and cart.

We are enjoying learning about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

Here is some of our work so far:

By Ainjel, Senna and Ché

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