Class 3P make leaflets about our great garden!

We have been making leaflets to tell people about our school garden. In two groups we went to the garden and took photographs of different areas which we were going to write about. Back in our classroom, Mr Joy gave us some lined paper which we folded into a leaflet.  Then we thought about headings and sub-headings. We have written information and facts which we hope will encourage people to visit our wonderful garden. We have planned where we will place the photographs, which have been printed off, and we will stick them into our leaflets. Our leaflets will then be displayed on our walls.

Some of the areas we have written about include:

  • The World War II shelter. It’s made of tin and has two wooden benches in it. It helps us learn about the world war.
  • The Jurassic garden where you can find Terry’s eggs – Terry is our dinosaur and his eggs are made of stone.
  • The willow classroom is made of wood and willow sticks.  There are seats made out of tree stumps for the children and there’s a bigger chair for the teacher. There are lots of bugs under the seats.
  • The frog pond is full of frogs! Luckily they don’t jump out!
  • The greenhouse has amazing plants in it to keep them warm and protect them in the winter.

Here are some examples of the work we have done so far:

By Lennox, Mati, Esmee and Daisy


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  1. Vicky J February 7, 2017 at 3:04 pm #

    Great work, well done Lennox x

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