Class 3T cave paintings

As part of our ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ topic we watched a video about cave paintings.  Cave men who had been injured by animals used their own blood to paint different pictures on cave walls. They also used plants and flowers to create other colours. The paintings included roe deer, wild horses, mammoths and cave lions. The end of the Stone Age was also the end of the Ice Age.

Working in pairs, we used pastel colours to draw animals and drew around our hands.  We also drew cave men with bows and arrows – cave men used these to hunt predators.  Cave men used animal skin for clothing, meat for food and bones for tools such as needles. They used teeth from animals and their own teeth for jewellery.

Sometimes cave paintings were plans for future attacks – the cavemen worked in tribes to protect their own areas. Other cave paintings were stories for entertainment. We smudged the pastel colours on our paintings to make our pictures look ancient.

We have learnt lots of facts about the Stone Age.

Here are some of our cave paintings:


By Yasmin, David, Summer, Evan, Rufus, Jack and Oliver

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  1. Mairi B March 12, 2018 at 4:27 pm #

    Lovely cave paintings, well done.

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