Class 5S run a daily mile!

As part of a national school event, we have been taking part in running a mile every day at the beginning of school.  The Daily Mile run helps to get children fit and helps them to concentrate in lessons.

Class 5S started the Daily Mile this week – which saw the hottest June day since 1976!! After registration, we go out to the school field with our running shoes, towels and water bottles and attempt to run at least 8 laps around the school field – 8 laps of the field equals 1 mile.  Those who feel able, can carry on running. We have around 15 minutes to complete our challenge. Luckily the temperature dropped on Thursday which enabled Ryley to run 16 laps (2 miles).  Noah and Max managed 19 laps each. Miss Heightley managed to beat her personal best!

Class 4T joined Class 5S today and made a great effort, with most managing to complete a mile. One Year 4 pupil managed 11 laps.

Each day we have improved our laps and timings – Frankie records our paces as she is recovering from a broken leg.

Although it has been tiring, it has woken us up and energised us ready for the day ahead!

By Ryley and Evie




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  1. Miss Heightley June 22, 2017 at 3:33 pm #

    I have been so impressed with 5S’s achievements this week! They have all accepted the challenge of either walking or running a mile every day, with very little complaining! Despite the warm weather, they’ve enjoyed trying to compete against themselves each day, aiming to achieve a better time, or run more laps.

    The benefits have been seen in the classroom too! The children have been a lot calmer during lessons and are more focused on their learning.

    Well done 5S – let’s keep it up!

    Miss Heightley

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