Class 5T attempt to solve Egyptian mystery!

As part of our topic on Egyptology, we are learning about Emily Sands.  She was an amateur Egyptologist who, in 1926 (four years after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb), led a group of Egyptologists across Egypt searching for the tomb of Osiris.  After several progress reports from their expedition, Emily and her companions disappeared in the desert, never to be seen or heard of again!

Class 5T are tying to solve the mystery.  We are looking for clues in a book based on Emily’s journals.

Facts we know:

  • Emily and her companions travelled from England to Egypt by boat, which took 2 weeks.
  • Making the same journey today by aeroplane would take 4 hours 40 minutes.

To support our science learning, we made paper aeroplanes to test the scientific theories of forces involved in flying.  There are four main forces:

  • Thrust, which helps forward movement
  • Lift, which helps to balance weight
  • Drag, which supports the back of a plane
  • Gravity, which pushes down to balance the force

We made three paper aeroplanes:

The first plane was a basic paper aeroplane which travelled a fair distance but with no control.

We adapted the basic plane by cutting two flaps into the wings to simulate drag.  This slowed the plane down a little and made it fly in a loop

The third plane, which we called the Delta plane had a heavier nose at the front created with extra folds in the paper.  This made the plane fly better and glide through the air.  We recorded the distances each place travelled and the Delta plane was the best.

By Kaitlyn, Jordan and Sam


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