Class 5T have a busy start to the year!


We have been learning how to use different mediums in art.  Mediums are different styles of artwork, using various utensils, for example watercolour paint, felt tip pens, coloured pencils, pastels, coloured chalk and wax crayons. We experimented with each medium, rotating to a different table in our classroom and worked on a booklet to demonstrate the methods.  We then drew a picture of a dragon and used our preferred medium to colour the dragon. We all liked different mediums.  Some of us liked pastels as they can be easily smudged to make shading. Others preferred watercolour paint because you can blend different colours. Others liked the coloured crayons as they were the easiest to draw with.  Chalk was the least popular as it seemed to be the messiest! Watercolour and pastels were the most popular.  Here are some examples of our work:


We have been working on text maps which are instructions for how to look after a dragon. We started thinking about how to look after a baby dragon as a pet and considered the risks involved with looking after a fire-breathing creature! This has really got our imaginations working! We have enjoyed this task.


We have been looking at ten thousands, one hundred thousands and millions.  There are four zeros in tens of thousands, for example 30,000.  There are five zeros in one hundred thousands, eg 300,000 and six zeros in millions, eg 3,000,000.  We have used less than and more than using these numbers and also adding and subtracting. We can use sheets to help us with place value and practise helps us with the sums.

By Sam, Isabelle, Tom and Amie

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  1. jemma c October 9, 2018 at 5:59 pm #

    well done!! 5t great pictures

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