Developing our Lifelong Learning Skills

As I am sure everybody is aware, we had some very special visitors to the school last week (Ofsted), hence why there was no blog last week (I was too exhausted!). It was lovely that a number of people noticed that 5P’s weekly blog post was missing, which shows that lots of people have been keeping up to date with what we have been learning. I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge well done to all of Year 5 for embracing our visitors and creating a fantastic impression. They did themselves, and their teachers, proud!

Death Masks

Over the past two weeks, we have been busy creating Egyptian Death Masks! In the process, we have developed a lifelong skill: perseverance! Many of our balloons kept popping, even though we were being very careful, when we put papier mache on them. This meant that we had to start again, after working hard on the first balloon. Some of us got very disheartened when our balloon popped for the second time! However, we have come through the other side and are now on the next stage of putting together our designs. Next week we will be painting our masks. We can’t wait to show you our completed designs!


In Science we have been looking at how to filter water. We are learning to be like Bear Grylls! We had to predict which would be the best material to filter muddy water, so that it became clear. Most of us predicted that cotton wool would be a good material to filter the water, however, we were surprised to observe that the paper towel was the best. We learnt that this was because it has the smallest holes for the water to get through, so it stops more of the mud particles from getting through.

Slam Poetry

Our new literacy topic has been poetry, but more specifically, slam poetry. We are currently learning the features and skills required for writing our own slam poetry. Year 5 will be holding a Slam Poetry competition, which we are starting to get excited about….. 5P were not keen on learning about poetry at the start of the week, however, it has been lovely to watch them becoming inspired and more engaged as we have considered a variety of poets. Some children have started to write their own Slam Poetry as extra home learning!



In Miss Heightley’s maths class we entered a competition, called Sumdog, with the schools of Dorset; 34 classes entered. We came 4th out of all those classes! We really enjoyed this competition – we were coming second for a few days, but then we got overtaken by other schools. Written by Kaci and Amelia.


Father Richard Retires

Next week is Father Richard’s final week at Holy Trinity Primary School, after working at the school for 21 years!! We wish him well in the new chapter of his life. Written by Liam.

Star of the week

This week’s star of the week is Aaliyah because of her improved attendance (100% this week) . We hope she carries on with this.  Written by Lydia and Briae.


Mr squishy

Last weekend, Mr Squishy went home with Annie. Annie was chosen to take him home because she always asks Miss Heightley how she can improve her writing in literacy. She has a great attitude to learning – so well done!! Written by Hollie.

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