Outdoor Learning Den

We made our den in the school grounds using ropes, sticks, spades, rakes and tarpaulin for our roof.  We covered the base of our den with bark to make an easier surface to walk on. Then we put some old tyres down to create seats.  We used rope to tie the tarpaulin to big trees.  We had to work as a team – you need 4 or 5 people to help lift the tarpaulin up to the required level and then tie the rope.

Mr Grey used a saw to remove a couple of thick branches so we could make two brooms with the sticks which we had collected from the school grounds. The brooms will stay in our den so we can use them to clear up any mess around our den.

Here are some photos of us creating our den:

The week after we started our den, we had a party in it.  We had sausages which we barbecued. We had sweets and drinks. We talked about how nice our den is and how much fun Outdoor Learning is.

Here are some photos of us at our party:

Next week the Outdoor Learning group are going on a trip to Puddletown Forest for a ‘scavenger hunt’, which we are looking forward to!

By Khan and Ryley



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  1. Khan November 27, 2017 at 7:44 pm #

    Hi I thought to say hi and yes I’m one of the people in the forest school people khan and I was just saying I like the blog and all the Stuf on it.

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