Governance Board Award

In October 2017 our Governance Board was awarded Governor Mark accreditation. The award is recognised by both the Department of Education and the National Governors Association. Governor Mark is a quality standard for school governance boards in England. It was developed in 2006. The process of accreditation involves assessment against a detailed framework covering all aspects of the responsibilities of school governance. Achievement of the award has a validity of three years, after which reassessment will be required, and allows the school to display the GLM (governance, leadership and management) Governor Mark logo.

The Governor Mark assessor focused on the impact that our Governance Board has had on the pupil outcomes through a paper trail and interview process. The advantage of having completed the Governor Mark accreditation process is the insight that it has given us as to what we do well, what we need to improve and what a completely impartial external adviser concludes having carried out a thorough audit. In the last year, only 30 governance boards received the Governor Mark accreditation, with ours being the only governance board in Dorset accredited.

Click here to view our Governor Mark Certificate


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