GOVERNOR VISIT – BIG Bang Presentations by Years 5 & 6

The school hall had been set up with tables displaying the work of the 30 pupils drawn from Years 5 & 6 who had been selected to attend the Big Bang STEM Science day at Bovington Tank Museum.

The pupils had entered the STEM lunch box competition prior to attending the STEM day. The pupils explained how they had worked in small groups to produce a lunchbox covering the following competition criteria:

a healthy lunch box menu;

the choice of food on the lunch menu had to demonstrate research on limiting food travel miles;

research the importance of buying local, in-season products;

research what a balanced lunch should look like researching food groups; and

design and produce a prototype of a lunch box made from recycled materials.

The pupils displayed their lunch boxes with menus and research into food groups. Huge imagination had in been used in the lunch box construction; empty Capri Sun pockets, plastic bags from a recent beach clean, cardboard boxes, plastic table, clothes and T shirts had all been utilized. The designs were very creative and varied. The groups had worked in lunch breaks and after school and then taken their entries with them to Bovington. Some groups had also filmed informative marketing adverts.

The menus included food choices from local producers such as fish sellers located at Weymouth harbour and locally-grown watercress and dairy produce from Craig’s Dairy. The food miles for each item of produce and which food group (and their properties) was clearly visible on each table.

Creativity had also been used in the choice of group names ranging from Prenzzo to Hygienic Chopsticks. What was most evident from talking to the pupils was their enthusiasm and interest in STEM. The pupils had all enjoyed the STEM day at Bovington, watching the various demonstrations and having the chance to enter the competition. The pupils’ verbal explanations were articulate and impressive; a real credit to the school.

As a result of all of their hard work, the pupils were rewarded with winning best overall project, first runner up and second runner up! Prizes were awarded to the school and included Tank Monopoly, Tank Top Trumps and Tank Playing Cards.

It was good to see the results of what had obviously been a great learning experience for our pupils. Our thanks must go to the pupils for sharing their work and to Mrs Penn and the other staff who supported the visit.

Helen Keedy
23 March 2019



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