Governor Visit Report – CLA


DATE: 10.10.2017

TEACHER: Mrs Kate Bladon

Governor’s comments & observations:

Holy Trinity currently has 3 CLA, a significant reduction on our numbers over the last six years.  This is a result of several groups of siblings being found new foster or adoptive parents.  The three children are in years 1, 3 and 5.One child has SEND with a diagnosis of ASD. All have 100% attendance this year.  Each child has a current Personal Education Plan (PEP) which is subject to regular review. Dates are in the school diary to review targets etc later this term. Two pupils have additional learning support. One child is in the care of Wolverhampton Social Services. All three pupils have made good progress in Reading, 2/3 in Writing, 1/3  better than expected,  Maths 1/3 made good progress with 2/3 making better than expected progress. This indicates that our CLA are doing well academically. All three children access targeted interventions e.g. Lexia,  and/or emotional support from the Dolphin Room staff.  This additional support is regularly reviewed and targets adjusted as required. These vulnerable children are all known to the staff who teach them and have a named social worker who liaises with school. The children’s wellbeing and learning progress  is constantly monitored as circumstances for these vulnerable pupils can change rapidly.

I felt that our CLA children were being well supported on every level with perceived improvements in behaviour over time and increased progress in learning in 2/3 pupils.


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