Governor Visit Report – Pupil Premium 3

Pupil Premium Visit Report – 2 November 2017
Observation of Yr 4 Lexia Reading Intervention in IT Suite – Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor
HK had previously discussed with Mr Firkin the implementation of the Lexia scheme for PP pupils and seen the wealth of reports that could be generated and the analysis available to teachers once pupils had started to regularly use the scheme.

HK arrived as the whole year’s cohort of PP pupils arrived at the ICT suite. There was definite excitement and the pupils remained quite lively until they had sat at their computer, logged on and plugged in their headphones. From that point the only voices heard were of those pupils celebrating the success of progressing another level on the scheme or of pupils who wanted to share their work, collaborating with the pupils next to them.

I walked around the suite and stopped to talk to the pupils who seemed happy to be disturbed. Many pupils were totally engrossed in the exercises and were completely focussed on the screen. Of the pupils I did talk to there was a genuine excitement at what they were being asked to do – there were varied exercises each enabling the pupils to practice a different element of SPAG or literacy (for example word searches, word splitting, comprehension, phonics and letter sounds). If a pupil did not give the correct answer, there was a second attempt given after which the programme adjusted to re-explain the particular exercise in a different manner. The pupils liked the computer graphics and colour and the way that they could progress up the various levels unlocking further levels with greater challenge.

The teaching of the programme was differentiated, so even though the whole Yr 4 cohort of PP pupils were present, each was enabled to practice at the level that they were at – I witnessed pupils from level 3 to level 11 on the programme happily working alongside each other. The TAs were quietly observing the class and able to intervene if a pupil raised their hand for help. One pupil said Lexia was like a mystery trying to unlock all the levels by following the clues given – he was a level 3 pupil who was identifying letter sounds from shapes. A level 11 pupil was working on more advanced exercises which she told me she was really enjoying and went on to explain the way it had supported her reading by giving her more opportunity to progress into the “tricky” exercises. A level 8 pupil said he liked the competition of going up the levels and seeing how far he could get. One pupil said she loved Lexia as her Mum won’t spend any money on books for her, Lexia was helping her read better and meant she was progressing up the banded school reading scheme.

There are three scheduled sessions of Lexia a week for this year group. The teachers then analyse the data and focus the class based teaching on areas which have caused the pupils difficulty. This “flip learning” means that valuable class time is productively used with focussed differentiation. Mrs Borries showed me examples of the Test Record Reports which clearly showed that these pupils reading was progressing and the positive impact that Lexia was having. Mrs Borries was going to look into extending access to Lexia for these pupils by enabling them to log in from home. Summary

As ever it was great to hear from the pupils what they think of things! Lexia is obviously a hit with the pupils and is having a positive impact too.

Helen Keedy, 2 November 2017

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