Governor Visit Report – Pupil Premium January 2018

Meeting between Martin Godfrey (MG), Deputy Headteacher and Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor

Actions from last meeting on 27 September:

  • Lexia feedback with pupils – PP Report dated 2 November 2017
  • Speech & Language Programme update – see below
  • Date for October meeting with All Saints – see below
  • HK to review PP attendance with SL – PP Report dated 28 September

Discussion Points

Speech & Language Programme – MG reported that the programme had been implemented after the last meeting. It was too early to judge impact, but once sufficient time had been given to the programme and training, impact would be reported upon.

Secondary School Transition – A group of 20 Yr 5 PP pupils had visited All Saints in January. The day had been organised by MG liaising with Mme Windybank at All Saints. The pupils had enjoyed the opportunity to get to see how exciting secondary school would be. The organised activities had included Media Studies, Food Tech and PE. The day had been a great success and had encouraged the group to raise their aspirations. The pupils had subsequently written a blog about the trip on the school website and further work had been put on display on an upper corridor school noticeboard.  As a consequence of the visit, HTP PP pupils have been invited to attend All Saints to experience a visit from Bournemouth University in May.

PP File – MG shared with HK the PP “paper” file of documentation which related all to PP at HTP. The file contained a wealth of information as to work that is currently being carried out at HTP and the data and impact of the interventions.

One section contained PP Case Studies of pupils who had joined the school either from Reception or subsequent to the end of KS1. The information covered in these studies included the areas of need/barriers to learning, whether external agencies were involved, details of the child’s circumstances, the provision and interventions employed by the school, how the skills of staff have been developed to address the needs of the child, the quantitative impact, progress summary, qualitative outcomes and impact on the wider school practice & provision. What is evident from the Case Studies that I reviewed is the degree and detail to which the school know the individual pupils and lengths that they go to to support these children’s learning, in spite of various barriers.

MG had attended the PP Leader’s Forum and his training notes were contained in the file enabling me to share some of the messages that were given at the session. Reviewing the training notes after the meeting allowed me to see how many of the recommended practices we already follow and to see areas that we could develop even further, for example “Telling the PP Story…”, trying new strategies to engage parents to apply for PP. MG had already downloaded PP award winning case studies recommended by the training. – Discuss at next meeting

MG is due to attend the PP Conference in March given by Sir John Dunford – Follow up at next meeting.

Further sections of the folder were devoted entirely to the data tracking of, action plans and interventions for PP pupils. For example, the action plan cross refers to the appropriate strand from the School Development Plan. The objectives, actions, responsible parties are then measured against the success criteria, what CPD resources are required and a timescale given with the monitoring and impact also being regularly recorded.

The rest of the folder contained publicly available documentation regarding PP eg policy, PP letters, strategy 2017/8 and visit reports.

Outdoor School

Subsequent to the meeting I received details from the school as to the impact of the Outdoor School and the benefits that were being reaped by PP pupils in particular. This intervention is run on a Friday afternoon for Years 5 & 6 pupils, some of whom are PP. There has been a noticeable improvement in self esteem and confidence for these pupils who have now constructed a base camp, learned rope and knot work, secured tarpaulins and tyre swings with their newly acquired skills, made besoms and constructed A Frame shelters. There has been noted improved concentration and behaviour in class as a consequence of this club. External funding is to be sought by HK to assist support this initiative in order to reach a wider PP audience.

Action Points for next meeting

  • Discuss points to be picked up from PP Leader’s Forum and PP Conference
    Progress on funding bid


A good meeting which gave me the opportunity to review the evidence in detail of the solid base upon which all of the PP work is built upon and developed.

Next meeting: April 2018


Helen Keedy, 26 January 2018



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