Governor Visit Report – SEND

Date of visit: 28 November 2017

Governors: Ellen Zapiec and James Baker

Teacher: N/A

Governor’s comments & observations:

James and I met to tour the school as part of his induction as a new governor with a focus on SEND provision.  We were able to view all classes as we walked the school and noted the calm atmosphere throughout with children well focused on their classroom activities.  Where rooms were unoccupied we entered to scrutinise wall displays of pupils work and support to learning from reference charts/displays.  The rooms were characteristically bright, colourful and stimulating with chairs and tables typically grouped within the room.  We were greeted by both staff and children as we went along.

The school is making good use of improved accommodation in the ICT suite, converted changing room and altered former Art room.  Group rooms were well used and no learning was taking place on the corridor.

We noted Singapore maths being used to teach long division in year six and clauses to year five.  Classes were typically supported by TA staff who were well deployed to support learning.
We saw a variety of interventions being delivered which included Lexia, SPAG, phonics and basic letter recognition, thank you to the staff and students who so readily discussed their activities with us.  We noted the flexibility of learning that Lexia offered within the whole class setting with students working at individual levels of competency that ranged from inferential and generalisation of read passages to individual word building using simple letter strings.  One group was engaged in further study of their set Michael Morpurgo novel to ensure that their understanding of the set text was secure.  Two younger pupils were using 3D letters to reinforce their recognition of basic letter forms.  They happily looked for letters that were found in their own names.
We noted the prominence given to attendance data on every classroom door, well done to those classes scoring over 97%.  The school corridors were spacious, tidy, litter free and typically decorated with  art work based on biblical stories.

James and I based ourselves in the library at the end of our visit to discuss and reflect on what we had seen.  We were warmly greeted by the Deputy Headteacher and courtesies exchanged.  Martin was telling us of the new facility improved into Pupil Tacker that interrogated teacher entered information and that would produce data for the Teaching and Learning Committee saving teachers time.  We look forward to receiving this at the Spring Term meeting.

We thanked Mrs Daykin at the end of our tour and offered our congratulations on the orderliness of the school and its presentation.