Governor Visit Report – Sports Funding

Sports Funding Visit Report – 14 November 2017

David Motson (DM), Kim Jones (KJ)

Sports funding information is published on the school website:


Published information needs to be updated – funding provided for 2017-18 has been doubled. Now £16,000 + £10 per student.

Action plan for 2017-18 has been produced but not yet published. Funding report is outstanding. DM to liaise with Lynda Borries to agree date for published information to be updated.

Plans in place to improve lunchtime activities – action plan produced focused on addressing strand 4 – Behaviour and safety

The number of after school activities offered has increased, including more sports-based activities.

Particulars of visit:

DM was met by KJ on arrival who explained the outline plan for the afternoon. A short discussion was held in the intervention room to discuss the objective of the visit. KJ explained the details of the current action plans and in particular the improvements to support more staff-led activities during lunchtimes. KJ explained a little about the 5 goals set out by the youth sports trust to improve children’s formative experiences of PE and school sport, including two hours per week of physical education as well as 30 active minutes. DM asked how meeting the goals would be measured. KJ explained there is a free online tracking system that can be accessed that has been applied for. KJ also presented the current extra-curricular club list, where the number of activities offered has increased.

Lunch was arranged with the year 6 sports captains. The sports captains explained their roles and how they were selected. DM asked about different sports they enjoy and the variety they have experienced. KJ explained that two of the sports captains would take DM on a tour of the afternoon’s PE activities.

After lunch DM and KJ went to see the children out playing, using various equipment provided on the playground and in the MUGA. A visit to the lunchtime football led by Mr Godfrey was also made where KJ explained that there is a plan to expand the number of sessions offered for football and other sports. Seeing the football demonstrated how equipment does suffer wear-and-tear and needs replacing, with the goals looking well used. While visiting the playground it was apparent that the wooden obstacle course is not accessible to children during lunchtimes. KJ explained the reason being the lack of supervision. It is hoped that improving lunchtime activities offered will help reduce the number of incidents of poor behaviour at lunchtime (strand 4). DM asked what usually happens on rainy days. KJ explained there is limited space to undertake indoor activities but some outside space can still be used – however the scope of activities is limited within the outside space available when it is raining.

When the afternoon teaching session started DM was met by two sports captains, Erin and Noah. Both were very welcoming and spoke very positively about PE in school. They explained that the sports captains initiative has been running for only a few years. The sports captains took DM on a tour to see some the various sports taking place, starting with Tennis. Tennis is being delivered by an external coach funded through sports funding. The school has its own equipment and staff are being up-skilled to be able to provide the tennis training in future. Access to the tennis coach is offered to different years on a rota. Other sports visited were Netball (yr.4), Tag Rugby (yr.6), Dance (yr.1) and movement skills (nursery). During the visit to the tag rugby session an impromptu poll of the children to gauge how many pursue sporting activities outside school was held where the vast majority said they did. The teacher delivering the tag rugby commented that the school was very well resourced with equipment for sports and have access to very good space to play a wide range of sports. On a re-visit to the tennis, with another class taking part, it was again very easy to see how much the children enjoyed playing, with big smiles on all faces. Mrs Kenway remarked that a sport like tennis has a wide range of befits in the skills it develops.

It was a pleasure to visit the school and see sport in action. My gratitude needs to be given to Kim Jones for arranging the afternoon, including lunch with the sports captains. A very special thanks also goes to Erin and Noah who took time out of the normal day to share their enthusiasm for sport and take me on a tour of the activities taking place.

David Motson


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