Governors Visit Report – Awarding of school meal contract May 2018

Holy Trinity Primary School were required to compete the School Meals Contract in 2018. Mrs Pullman created an Evaluation and Scoring Template which we planned to use in awarding our contract. Three suppliers were invited to tender of which two replied.

As part of our evaluation process we reviewed prices, brochures and menus. However we decided to sample the catering and meals from two of the suppliers; Weyco at Holy Trinity and Chartwells at Damers School in Dorchester.

As I work out of town, it’s only infrequently that I am in HTPS during the day. I expected to just be sampling the Weyco meals on a fork based basis, however was delighted to be treated to the full lunchtime experience at HTPS including my choice of a full meal, sitting and eating with the children and of course doing my clearing up afterwards. We were talking with the children at the table about the school meals and one young lad had just wolfed down some delicious dessert so I asked him what his favourite day was (meaning food day). His outsmart-a-grown-up answer was “Saturday”! It was good to see first hand how hard the cooks and support staff work in feeding the children, giving them a good lunchtime experience and how healthy and appetising the food was. We marked our meal against Appearance and Nutrition, Views of Pupils and Staff, Plate Waste and whether the meal was featured on our example menu.

With Mrs Pullman and Mrs Greet we made an appointment at Damers School to review the meals supplied by Chartwells. Again, the full meal experience, sitting with the children, canvassing views and doing our marking. We were given the opportunity to have a tour of Damers by the Head teacher Catherine Smith who was a former Deputy Head of Holy Trinity. She showed us their impressive new school but on numerous occasions referred back to the ideas and concepts that she has incorporated from the Holy Trinity school layout.

Our evaluation concluded by bringing together the tasting experience marking with price, quality and menu choices. Weyco were successful and awarded the contract. What started out for me was being part of a tender evaluation, however ended up with two excellent lunchtime experiences and a tour around a new school!


Chris Brook

May 2018

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