Governors Visit Report – Overcoming Injustice Group


DATE: 22nd June 2018

Staff: Martin Godfrey

Governor’s comments & observations:

The purpose of this visit was to meet the Year 6 ‘Oi’ group to find out more about them and the things they have been up to. The students had prepared a presentation.

The Overcoming Injustice (OI) group were formed by a small group of Year 6 girls earlier this year. Having been inspired by the Alex Rider books, they decided maybe they could discuss issues affecting them, their local area or indeed the world and see what they could do to make a difference. They approached Mr Godfrey with their ideas and the group was formed.

Following early meetings, the group decided to split their focus into 4 main areas:

  • School
  • Local
  • England
  • International

Starting with the school they hope to tackle things such as litter, unhealthy snacks, running in the corridors, interrupted learning and internet safety. For the first of these they have written letters to Mrs Daykin to share their concerns to which they received responses. Subsequently they have prepared some presentations that they have given during collective worship to encourage support from their fellow students.

In the local issues the group has been getting in touch with the local council to try and address issues with seagulls and roadworks. On both occasions the council has replied and provided some posters to discourage feeding the seagulls. For the roadworks, the response was very professionally written and difficult to understand, the group has since returned a letter inviting the respondent to visit the school and discuss the issues with the group so they can better understand the reasoning given.

Across England they are hoping to think about Brexit, litter, pollution, terrorists, drink driving, drugs and dog fouling. They have written to a government department with their concerns regarding tree preservation and are awaiting a response.

Internationally they hope to discuss issues such as terrorism, pollution, war, poverty, education, alcohol and drugs.

As they are a Year 6 group and leaving school at the end of the year they are actively seeking interest from the current year 5’s to ensure their hard work continues. Similarly, they are also seeking a new teacher to support the group when Mr Godfrey takes up his new job.

The group, although all currently girls, is open to all year six students to join and share their ideas and enthusiasm. The group has been meeting every Monday lunchtime to discuss their issues and ideas, working in groups on their letters and presentations. The whole group has collectively given their presentations to fellow students at collective worship across both key stages.

It was a pleasure to meet the group and learn about their motives for setting up the group, the issues they have been discussing and action taken to try and make a difference. It’s also good to see the added benefits of their work such as team building, confidence building and development of presentation skills, all of which will server them well in their futures.

I hope the group continues with next year’s Year 6 and with an equally enthusiastic and supportive member of staff.




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