Governors Visit Report – Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Report – 27 November 2018

Attendees: Fiona Daykin (FD) Headteacher, Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor

Review of “Building Blocks of PP Success April 2018” document

It had been agreed before the meeting that FD, (who has taken over the role of overseeing school PP strategy from Martin Godfrey) would update the April version of the document.

  • An Impact column for November 2018 had been added incorporating the observations of the June 2018 Ofsted inspection (result – GOOD) and the annual LA RAG rating of schools (result – Category 1).
  • The “10 things I want to achieve before leaving Yr X” scheme has been embraced into the school culture with disadvantaged pupils being supported to fulfil their goals.
  • Previous strategies implemented by MG had been shared at the local PP champion meetings with other schools are were continuing to be monitored by FD.
  • There has been INSET training for school PP strategies with the school continuing to engage positively with the school community with respect to PP.
  • It was noted that 80% of Child Protection or Child in Need plans are also PP. 27% of PP pupils are SEND. The Safeguarding AHT and SEN team work to support these pupils and aim to reduce the barriers to learning.
  • A new Mentor Scheme (see below) has been introduced.
  • Outcomes are monitored by T&L Govs. Since 2016 the gaps between PP and non PP in KS1 have closed dramatically, R 21%, W29%, M26%. For the same period in KS2, the gaps have closed by R18%, W2%, SPAG 23%. Unfortunately the gap in Maths has increased by 4% overall.
  • The school continues to be rigorous in ensuring that long term funding is secured for PP pupils wherever possible.
  • Strategies and interventions are regularly reviewed, data is collected and scrutinised in accordance with set deadlines.
  • PP targets continues to be an appraisal target for performance of staff

Mentor Scheme

  • FD has introduced a new Mentor Scheme for approximately 40 PP pupils (25%).
  • Mentors receive attendance figures every week for their child.
  • Mentors for the PP and SEN pupils are the pastoral team, SENDCo, SEN Manager and Safeguarding AHT.
  • Other Mentors include FD, SLT, office staff, attendance officer, business manager and some cover teachers.
  • From the figures produced to date, attendance as a group has risen.
  • Aims of the Mentors is to help close attendance and attainment gaps.
  • Methods employed include listening to their child read, read themselves to their child, discuss attendance and any reasons for missing school, talking about ambitions, helping support “10 things I want to achieve…”, celebrating any work they want to share, attending class events and school performances in which they are a part.
  • Quite simply, being there for them in a constructive and supportive way.

It was also noted that one of the Year Leaders was currently studying for the NPQM programme which includes a project on PP. This will be linked to the SDP. The YL will assist FD with monitoring PP and apply good practice in her class. The up skilling of middle leadership, and in particular in PP was agreed to be a positive step for the school as a whole. At our next meeting it was agreed to compare the YL’s action plan to the SDP and to discuss progress.

It would also be good to see anonymous data of attendance for the Mentored PP pupils.

Date of next meeting – Post 21 January (next T&L Data meeting)

Helen Keedy
28 November 2018


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