Governors Visit Report – SEND

GOVERNORS NAMES: Ellen Zapiec and James Baker

DATE: 21.9.2018

TEACHER: Mrs. Kate Bladon, Mrs Clare Parkinson

Governor’s comments & observations:

I met with Kate and Clare to discuss how the provision for SEND pupils was at the beginning of this new academic year 2018/19.

I was told that there are currently 104/578 of pupils on the SEND register. This is 18% of our school population and is above the national average of 14.6%.

There are 6 pupils with an Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP) in school, with 9 further requests for EHCPs submitted to the LA. Kate is currently preparing 4 more applications. 5 pupils are being assessed by our in-house educational psychologist to determine what their additional needs might be and how school may best provide for them.

Kate showed me a detailed checklist of our SEND pupils and their range of additional needs. She then outlined the provision that HTP was currently offering. This again was charted in detail to show specific additional provision which included within class support, additional support from the SEND or pastoral teams and from external professional colleagues such as health workers.

A range of vulnerable pupil groups were identified . This information had been shared with class teachers.

We then discussed Children who are Looked After (CLA), of whom there are currently 5 in school. We have 3 pupils who are adopted or in special guardianship and 6 families have made informal home arrangements whereby a child may regularly reside with a person other than their birth parents. All such arrangements benefit from extra supervision in school. CLA, in particular, are carefully monitored to ensure that their wellbeing and educational needs are being met. Every child has an individual plan which is carefully monitored by a multi professional group of colleagues. HTP makes an annual report on the progress and learning outcomes for this particularly vulnerable group, usually around February/March.

Kate and Clare are to be congratulated on the robust organisation and provision that children are benefiting from so early in the term. A staff training session had been delivered on 10.9.2018 and Kate and Clare had conducted a Provision walk on 19.9 2018 to see interventions in action.

I look forward to discussing with them our SEND pupils’ progress and attainment after half term when the the first tranche of school data for the autumn term will have been collected.

A big thank you to Kate and Clare for their time and welcome. I look forward to celebrating with them later this term when the results of their additional and advanced studies are announced.



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