Governors Visit Report – Sports Funding Review

Sports Funding Review Meeting – 8th May 2019

Attendees: David Motson, Lynda Borries, Kim Jones

Sports funding has been announced to be the same as previous year. Funding is made in two payments covering a financial year.

Spending report published in October (required by January), along with the action plan.

Highlights of funding spend include:

  • Matt (external coach) – multiple sports – now includes lunchtime provision to encourage sports activities and team play for all year groups. Activity areas divided in to red, amber, green to divide different levels of activities, from team play to free play supported by a range of equipment for children to access.
  • Numerous team and individual sports competitions:

  • Table tennis
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Rugby

Key objective remains to provide 2 hours sports activities per week + opportunity for 30mins physical activity per day.

Pupil premium children involved in additional activities – select children who aren’t always those that wish to join in / participate to try and raise interest in sports

  • ‘Can do’ water sports
  • Sitting volleyball
  • Indoor curling

Looking for additional funding opportunities to support replacement of the trim trail – Engaging Nadia Dailey (School Games Organiser) to help write a bid.

Sea Safety planned for July – invite confident swimmers to a day at the beach with lifeguards and firefighters to learn about safe swimming.

After school clubs well supported with many more now offered than previous years.

David Motson, May 2019.



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