Maths No Problem

Mathematics at Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Our philosophy is to enable each child to enjoy Mathematics and appreciate its value in everyday life. We aim to foster a learning environment in which all pupils are provided with experiences that lead to a consistently high level of personal achievement in Mathematics.

We believe that competence in calculation is essential, but that Mathematics is so much more!

Our mathematicians are taught using the Singapore Maths approach- ‘Maths- No Problem!’. This is an approach to teaching mathematics that is both fun and has been proven to improve standards in mathematics teaching and learning.

Please enjoy finding out more about Maths- No Problem! by clicking on the link below.





Maths related websites

Alternatively, why not view one of our parent workshop presentations or follow a link to a maths related website to support your child’s learning from home? (Click on the icons below to open the maths related websites).

My Maths

Use your school login and then your personal login and password to access a range of exciting tasks, games and challenges to improve all areas of your Maths. Children will sometimes be able to complete homework tasks on this website.

Method Maths

Method Maths

For Year 6 to help prepare them for the three National Curriculum Tests in Mathematics.

Maths is fun

Maths is fun

A great resource with clear definitions and examples of just about everything to do with Maths!




Your chance to put your Maths skills to the test against children from around the world


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