Outdoor Learning activities

We made some tyre swings next to our den. We started by tying a stick to a piece of rope using a reef knot.  Maia had learnt how to do a reef knot at her sea cadets club and was able to use this skill for this task. The stick was thrown over a thick branch and then we untied the stick.  We found a tyre and wrapped the rope around the tyre.  However, we discovered that this wasn’t secure enough so we used a more secure Bowline knot. When we use the swing, we make sure that everyone is standing clear of it to keep safe.


Puddletown Forest

On the afternoon of Friday 24th November the Outdoor Learning group took the school minibus with Mr Grey to Puddletown Forest. When we got to the Forest we went for a short hike. Jason and Leo were the only two who were looking for animals; we were warned that there might be some deer. Maia saw a deer in the distance. We reached an area where there were some logs and we were given a worksheet to search for squirrels, birds, lonely clouds, something round, an oak leaf and a pine cone. Some of us found everything on the list. We found a lake and we saw some fish.

We enjoyed the trip and working together.

By Jason and Maia


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