Pupil Premium Visit Report – 22 June 2017

Meeting at All Saints School (AS) – Kevin Broadway (KB) Headteacher AS, Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor HTP, Martin Godfrey (MG) Deputy Headteacher HTP

It was an agreed action from meeting on 23rd May to arrange a meeting to discuss PP transition with All Saints and Budmouth. No response has, as yet, been received from Budmouth – this is to be reviewed at July meeting.

Upon arrival at AS, the aims of the meeting were discussed. KB then gave HK and MG a full tour of the school. The kitchen, ICT suite and science labs were offered for use to HTP pupils. MG accepted the offer and agreed to contact KB separately to arrange targeted use of the facilities for particular pupil groups.

After the tour, KB explained the tracking systems used by AS for PP students based on EBACC subjects. MG then ran through the ‘Win, Loss, Maintain’ grids that had been introduced at HTP. The two monitoring systems achieved the same aims, albeit in different graphic format. KB went on to explain AS use of PPIPs (Pupil Premium Individual Plans). Again, there was a commonality of approach to HTP systems.

KB introduced an assessment system for KS3 results that he was proposing to implement from September 2017. Discussion followed regarding the base point of Yr 7 pupils, namely the SATs results and the ‘Attitude for Learning’ tests taken in October by all students entering AS. It was agreed that HTP PP students would be tracked from September, and then following the AS data drops in January, April and July, there would be a mutual scrutiny of these pupils progress by AS and HTP. It would be at this points that any signs of pupils deviating from the expected track of progress (based on the base point) would then be discussed by the schools.

The time spent in AS was very helpful in laying the foundations for tracking the transition and progress of our PP pupils once they move up to secondary school. The opportunity to use AS science labs and kitchens will be investigated and followed up by MG – a wonderful chance to enrich the learning of our pupils.

Helen Keedy, 25th June 2017


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