Pupil Premium Visit Report – 23 May 2017

Meeting between Martin Godfrey (MG), Deputy Headteacher and Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor

Actions from last meeting on 23 February:

  •  PP Policy – MG had undertaken research and sent his findings to HK prior to the meeting. The precedent policies were reviewed and it was agreed to model a policy for HTP based on the more “prescriptive” version as there was less room for misinterpretation. The policy would also be easier to monitor. MG agreed to email HK a version of the new policy for review and possible adoption at the July FGB.
  • Costing Spreadsheet – scrutiny of the spreadsheet had not occurred due to the increased workload of MG in the SENCO AHT’s absence. It was agreed that the Costing Spreadsheet would be completed for Year 3 to assess whether the system was workable, by the academic year end.
  • Yr 6 Action Plan – It was agreed to defer the review of Impact until the Yr 6 SATS results had been published – July 4. It was noted the next T&L meeting was 17 July 2017.
  • Attendance protocols for Pupil Premium pupils – the Attendance Officer has identified 19 PP children for close monitoring as their attendance falls below 90% .

Discussion Points

Class Overview Intervention Sheets – It was noted that detailed Class Overview Intervention Sheets (COIS) had recently been developed by a YL and DH with the input from the Principal TA. Similiar sheets had also been developed by the Nuture Group. The new COIS overviews had been presented to staff with suggestions for input improvements by staff. The sheets would be a quick and effective way for class teachers to oversee and update interventions for all pupils. PP pupils were identified clearly on the sheets. A anonomysied version is attached for reference.

Speech & Language Trial – MG reported that due to time delays with external support from DCC, pupils in KS1 were not receiving sufficient speech and language support. A trial of a commercially avaliable intervention was going to be arranged for KS1 PP pupils, following staff recommendation.

Breakfast Club – DJ had arranged to visit Wyke to experience their Breakfast Club. Changes had recently been introduced at BC, since HK’s last visit.

Secondary School Transition – The suggestion was made to follow PP pupils through the transition process to secondary school and beyond. By targeting this particular group it was hoped that the progress and attainment of these pupils could be safeguarded against disruption by change of setting. There may be opportunities to start the work from Year 4 onwards.

Impact Statements on Website – it was noted that the Impact statements were incomplete but agreed that the data would be updated post SATS results.

Lexia – This is a new reading intervention that was introduced Feb 2017. Originally the programme was intended for Yr 6 & Yr 5 PP pupils, but it is now being rolled down through the school as pupils finish the programme.

A pupil starts with an assessment based at the computer. The Lexia programme is only accessible electronically. Once assessed based upon the reading tasks, Lexia recommends the number of sessions needed to raise the reading level of the pupil, with a total recommended amount of reading per week. Therefore each pupil has an individualised programme tailored to their need.

The programme then sets the pupil tasks based upon their ability, progressing in difficulty as reading tasks are completed successfully. Certificates and medals are issued as the pupils complete stages and development is made.

The school is able to access the progress of each pupil, seeing where difficulties have arisen with the pupils comprehension to complete the tasks. The time each pupil spends on Lexia is recorded, and the progress displayed graphically. The school’s administrator of the scheme is Mr Firkin, who now having seen the programme in operation will provide further training to staff to ensure that the scheme is accessible and understood by all class teachers. Where for example a pupil has experienced difficulty with a certain topic, the class teacher will be able to provide additional support to help the pupil overcome the problem by explaining the concept in a one to one intervention.

The school has not had the opportunity to verify independently the results from the programme on SPOTO, but this will be done at the year end. The school is planning to make the scheme more accessible to PP pupils by providing login details to parents to encourage greater reading time away from school. Computers may also be set up at Breakfast Club so the PP pupils could have some reading time before school.

There is real enthusiasm for the programme which appears to be yielding positive results. The feedback from the PP pupils is good.


A very full meeting, my head was spinning with all the information given, but I came away with a real sense of the enthusiasm for all things PP!

Action Points before/ or for next meeting

  • Arrange meeting to discuss PP transition with All Saints and Budmouth
  • Update PP page of website with last report
  • Agree next PP policy, as amended
  • Progress on Speech & Language programme
  • HK to review PP attendance with SL
  • HK to revisit BC to review improvements.
  • HK to see Lexia in action and talk to the pupils as they use it.

Next meeting: 18 July

Helen Keedy, 25 May 2017









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