Pupil Premium Visit Report – 26 May 2017

Attendance at Breakfast Club (BC) – Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor

It was an agreed action from meeting on 23 May for HK to revisit BC to review improvements.

Upon arrival the children were already arriving, dropping their bags and then self serving themselves to breakfast. It was good to see teachers also using the BC and sitting amongst the children, chatting happily over breakfast.

Mrs Jones identified a number of PP children for HK to speak to in order to assess the impact of BC as a PP intervention. The register was then called with all children responding positively and greetings given to all staff in attendance.

The first PP pupil HK spoke to explained how he enjoyed BC as it meant for him “being with all my friends and getting breakfast. At home I only get chocolate cereal, here I get cereal, toast and juice.” The child went on to explain that he found it “easier to settle down after Breakfast Club” more so than if he came straight from home. The boy enjoyed painting and all the art activities that he could join in on at BC.

HK then spoke to a little girl who said “I would be sad if I didn’t come to Breakfast Club because I would be hungry”. The little girl went on to tell HK that she enjoyed BC because “I play with my little brother at Breakfast Club. At home I play my tablet and he watches YouTube.” When asked how she felt about coming to BC, the little girl replied “I feel better because after Breakfast Club my tummy is full”.

Another PP pupil told me how he would have a drink at home and then have weetabix, milk and yoghurt at BC. He felt “happier” for breakfast. The boy went on to tell me that he enjoyed BC because “ I can play with Duplo, I don’t have that at home. I also enjoy helping others to build Duplo.” When asked how he felt after BC, the boy said he found it easier to learn with a full tummy. “If I feel hungry I get angry, also if I don’t come to school I feel hungry. I really like school because of maths, literacy and playtimes. There is yummy food at Breakfast Club which helps me feel better.”

On this occasion some of the children played out on the field. The opportunity to play ball was enthusiastically welcomed by some of the more active children. However supervision was maintained for those pupils who wanted to stay in the hall to continue with their art activities or building projects.

The time spent in BC was an absolute pleasure. Every time I visit I continue to be impressed by the calm atmosphere maintained by the BC staff and the obvious popularity of the club for all the children who attend.

Helen Keedy, 7 June 2017

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