Raising attainment and closing the gap: using the pupil premium effectively

Pupil Premium Conference – 27 March 2018

Attendees: Martin Godfrey (MG) Deputy Headteacher, Helen Keedy (HK) PP Governor

Main Points of Key note speech by Sir John Dunford

  • Impact of PP strategies
  • Context of widening gaps of disadvantaged attainment for both 11 and 16 year old in South West Region 2017
  • Missing talent group of the highly able PP pupils – 15% of highly able PP pupils who score in the top 10% nationally at age 11 fail to achieve in the top 25% at GCSE
  • Effect of poor vs highly effective teaching on the progress of average pupil vs  PP pupils in terms of years of progress – raising the quality of teaching raises PP attainment
  • The over-riding importance of quality first teaching
  • Identification of barriers to learning
  • Choosing school strategies and evaluation with clear audit trail
  • Benchmarking and shared intelligence
  • Building Blocks for PP success with suggested strategies
  • Parental Engagement

Action Points

  • Benchmark HTP data using recommended websites and contact potential peer school identified by eef as within the “family” socio economically
  • Raise new Governor awareness of PP – training – before next FGB
  • Establish a KS1 and KS2 forum for PP voice
  • PP Voice to help develop “20 things to do before I leave HTP” to increase confidence and provide additional enrichment
  • HK to meet MG to check the attainment levels for PP pupils – and discuss evaluation of impact of current strategies

Main Points of PP award winner speeches

  • Monitoring strategies
  • Directed staff meetings
  • Enrichment and curriculum opportunities
  • Pupil Coaches (secondary)
  • Brain development and growth mindset for teenage pupils – training for teachers
  • Design a curriculum to meet the needs of the pupils (secondary)
  • Improve T&L


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